Thursday, May 4, 2017

Upcoming Workshops, Classes and Shows with Jacqueline Newbold

Good Colorful Morning!  New Watercolor Classes - Online, Phoenix, Sitka, Oregon, and Local!
The sun is bright and the temperature is finally warming up a bit.  Did you know that I have taken up Pickle Ball.  Everyone asks, "What is Pickle Ball?"  Well it is a little bit like tennis and a little bit like ping pong.  The ball is much like a whiffle ball and it is a lot of fun!  That is what I have been doing for exercising my body.  For exercising my brain and my love for art, I have been planning some very fun and unique watercolor classes.  Here is what is coming up for 2017!

A Page from my Nature Journal
Colorful Whites and Colorful Darks

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