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The Jacqueline Newbold Watercolor Travel Kit 
I am sorry but my Watercolor Kit has been discontinued by Daniel Smith Art Supplies and is no longer available.  Here are the supplies that were in the kit.  This will give you a good idea of what you need to make your own!

  Here is a list of what is included in the kit:
DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Jacqueline Newbold Traveling Kit includes:
1.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Lemon Yellow
2.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Phthalo Yellow Green
3.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Phthalo Green Yellow Shade
4.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Phthalo Turquoise
5.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Cerulean Blue Chrome
6.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – French Ultramarine Blue
7.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Carbazole Violet
8.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Quinacridone Violet
9.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Permanent Red
10.    Daniel Smith Watercolor – Permanent Orange
11.    Daniel Smith Watercolor – Quinacridone Burnt Orange
12.    Daniel Smith Watercolor – Hansa Yellow Deep
13.    Heritage artist palette
14.    Daniel Smith Watercolor Brush ½ inch flat
15.    Daniel Smith Watercolor Brush #8 round
16.    Arches watercolor journal, 140 lb paper, 10” x 7”
17.    Monaco Brush Case, short handle
18.  Kneaded eraser

Below are a few pages from my self-published watercolor book.  

To purchase my book, click the link below:

The Good, the Bad and the Beauty of Color Workshop - presented by the Artful Gathering Online Workshop

Take a journey with Jacqueline Newbold and her watercolor travel journals. Learn how to put together a lasting, visual diary of your travels by combining painting, journaling, and collected ephemera in unique ways. Create quick on-the-go paintings with watercolor washes, water-soluble pens, pen-and-ink, sea sponges, and textured backgrounds. Enhance your journals with maps, old book pages, pockets,  tags, and more. Whether you’re traveling to Europe or to a local café, you will discover how much fun it is to record your life journeys with watercolors.


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