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The Jacqueline Newbold Watercolor Travel Kit 
The Jacqueline Newbold Kit is no longer available online but can be ordered by contacting the Daniel Smith representative,:
Joan Wright at joan.wright@danielsmith.com 
or call her at 206-812-5877 ext 454.
The price for the kit is $147.83 and includes shipping!  If you are interested, 
I put together this kit as a way to help students get off to a great start with watercolors.  I partnered with Daniel Smith Art Supplies because I love their paints.  Here is a list of what is included in the kit:
DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Jacqueline Newbold Traveling Kit includes:
1.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Lemon Yellow
2.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Phthalo Yellow Green
3.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Phthalo Green Yellow Shade
4.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Phthalo Turquoise
5.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Cerulean Blue Chrome
6.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – French Ultramarine Blue
7.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Carbazole Violet
8.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Quinacridone Violet
9.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Permanent Red
10.    Daniel Smith Watercolor – Permanent Orange
11.    Daniel Smith Watercolor – Quinacridone Burnt Orange
12.    Daniel Smith Watercolor – Hansa Yellow Deep
13.    Heritage artist palette
14.    Daniel Smith Watercolor Brush ½ inch flat
15.    Daniel Smith Watercolor Brush #8 round
16.    Arches watercolor journal, 140 lb paper, 10” x 7”
17.    Monaco Brush Case, short handle
18.  Kneaded eraser

Watercolor Journeys, Inspirations from Travel by Jacqueline Newbold

The Good, the Bad and the Beauty of Color Workshop - presented by the Artful Gathering Online Workshop

Take a journey with Jacqueline Newbold and her watercolor travel journals. Learn how to put together a lasting, visual diary of your travels by combining painting, journaling, and collected ephemera in unique ways. Create quick on-the-go paintings with watercolor washes, water-soluble pens, pen-and-ink, sea sponges, and textured backgrounds. Enhance your journals with maps, old book pages, pockets,  tags, and more. Whether you’re traveling to Europe or to a local café, you will discover how much fun it is to record your life journeys with watercolors.


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