Saturday, March 31, 2012

Art Journaling Exposed Weekend Blog Hop!

As I write this from a 175,000 acre estancia (a very large ranch) at the southern tip of  Patagonia, Argentina, I am happy to announce a very fun new idea in Art Journaling!  The creative artists at Cloth, Paper, Scissors have produced a new eMag.  We are celebrating the launch of Art Journaling Exposed this weekend by following the blogs of its contributors and featured artists!  As I am traveling with a group of hikers (as in - non-painters/non-artists) and have very little time to play with my art journal, I have to practice what I teach and have been using my water-soluble flair pen technique for creating paintings-on-the-go.  I demo this technique on page 15 of Art Journaling Exposed.  My part for this new eMag was filmed when I was in Colorado filming for a DVD, Art Journals on the Go, due to be out soon.
This easy to down load, eMag is full of wonderful ideas and artists.  It only cost $4.99 and is a quick download and yours to have on your computer forever.  Why don’t you join us in this Art Journaling Exposed Weekend Blog Hop and check out all of these fabulous artists!  Also, I would love to hear from you if you would like to leave a comment!

Here is the list in alphabetical order:

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Traci Bautista
Jane Davenport
Dea Fisher
Jacqueline Newbold
Jennifer Osborn
Joanne Sharpe
Melanie Testa
Diana Trout

Early reviews for Art Journaling Exposed have been phenomenal, and one reader wrote to us saying, “This was amazing!!!!! I have NEVER enjoyed a magazine like I enjoyed this one. Just do more! Don't stop with this one! PLEASE!!!!!”

To purchase the eMag for your desktop computer, visit PC download or MAC download.  
And here is the link to purchase the eMag for the iPad on the iTunes Store
Adios from Argentina!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Eco Camp in Patagonia, Chile

Long Tailed Meadow Lark

Our cute French guide, Sammy

A Page from my journal

Herds of Guanaco

Another page from my journal

We have spent the last four nights sleeping in some very awesome domes in the beautiful Patagonian landscape at the Torres National Park in southern Chile.  The focus here is definitely hiking and not painting.   I got some hiking in as well as some fabulous bird watching.  The scenery is beautiful and the weather has been windy, rainy & sunny depending on the moment in time.
It was time to practice what I love to do and that is to do some paintings-on-the-go for the traveling artist.  Creating watercolor travel journals is my favorite part of the journey.  My DVD Art Journals On-the-Go is due out soon and I will be covering lots of these techniques for creating paintings-on-the-go.  Stay tuned for more details!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Sights and Sounds of Santiago

We had an unusual night’s sleep because we were constantly being woken up.  First it was an earthquake, 4.5 with 2 good jolts about 30 seconds apart.  Then people running out into the streets and shouting.  Apparently that is what you are supposed to do if an earthquake hits but I was too sleepy from my 2 for 1 happy hour Pisco Sours.  You see happy hour here in Santiago lasts until 8 pm and the traditional drink of Chili, the Pisco Sours were delicious!  With jet-lag hitting me, I think I went to bed shortly after my drinks and dinner.  Then the fire trucks started out into the streets, blaring their horns and generally making a lot of noise. 
Today we met up with our Wilderness Tour group and took a city tour partly by bus and lots of walking again.  Santiago is a city of reflections.  There are many modern sky-scrapers that have glass facades that reflect the greenery and buildings around. 
A page from my journal of the little church on Santa Lucia
Watching the sun go down over the Andes from a rooftop 17th floor bar with my pesco sour...

Santiago is full of sleeping dogs and policemen
Reflections of the old in the new

At the fish market
Friendly people everywhere

Friday, March 23, 2012

Exploring South of the Equator - Santiago, Chile

After a long 10 hour flight from Atlanta to Santiago, Chile, we set out to explore the city on foot.  We worked our way from our hotel to the famous Santa Lucia, a small hill in the center of the city.  Its name comes from the day in which Pedro de Valdivia conquered the hill in 1541.  That day celebrates “Santa Lucia”.  The hill is adorned with ornate facades, stairways, statues, beautiful urns, iron lamp posts, lots of ice cream stands and fountains.  I loved the unique view that Santa Lucia gave with the old side of Santiago set in front of the new modern city.   
We stopped for a drink and light lunch and I was able to do a quick sketch in my watercolor journal.
Little oasis at our hotel

Statue close-up

The reflection of the green Santa Lucia Hill in the modern high-rise buildings

Self Portrait

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Art Journaling Exposed, a new EMAG from Cloth, Paper, Scissors

Check out this new emag from the Cloth, Paper, Scissors Store about art journaling!  This is an interactive emag about creating great pages and journals with color, lettering: Art Journaling Exposed eMag!  It cost only $4.99 and you can download it in a matter of minutes to your computer.  Try my coupon code - Twenty - and see if you can get 20% off.  This coupon code expires on 3/22/2012.
Ok - here is the best PArt.  My video, Illustrating with Water-soluble Pens is on page 15 in the "Caught on Tape" chapter.  This is a short video where I demonstrate how to use a water-soluble pen with watercolors.  This video was filmed as part of my new DVD about the Traveling Artist due to be released soon.  ENJOY!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Journaling Class in Sunriver, Oregon

We had a wonderful snowy day painting in our journals and learning about creating paintings-on-the-go for the traveling artist.  My students felt like we had a very successful day!  If that was not enough, we ended by having an incredible potluck lunch with our gracious host, Liz.  You know what happens when women get together to eat - fabulously healthy food and charming company.  Here are some photos of the work that we did: