Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fun Ideas for your Watercolor Art Journal

Everyone loves a fun art journal!  I thought I would share some of my ideas about how I add to my watercolor art journals to make them interesting, creative and fun.  I started keeping art journals in 1991 and along the way I have accumulated many ways to mix watercolor painting with mixed media.
I encourage you to share your ideas too in the comment section!  Thanks, Jacqueline

· Paint a watercolor painting.
· Give the painting a title.
· Draw a line around the painting following the edges of the painting.
· Ink all the value changes in the painting with a permanent ink pen.
· Write about the time, place, location and people you meet along the bottom and/or edges of the page.
· Paint on another piece of watercolor paper or different type of paper and glue it on the page.
· Make a frame with artist tape.  Paint a colorful wash of watercolors.  When dry, pull it off and use this area to add thoughts.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Art Unraveled 2015, Phoenix, Arizona

I always loved the words of the Girl Scout song, Friends.  "Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold."  This is my second year teaching at Art Unraveled and I am making new friends as well as catching up with old friends.  Art retreats rejuvenate my soul!  Everyone is so creative and full of inspiring ideas.  If you need a shot of creativity, this is the place to be.

I met Kristin in my Seattle CREATE art journaling classes.  She shared with me her journal that she put together on a resent trip.  It makes me feel so wonderful to see how she implimented the ideas from the class into a beautiful travel journal.  I wanted to share a few pages of her watercolor art journal with you :)

Sunday, August 2, 2015