Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Who Are These Kind, Generous People?

Artists of course!  I am just back from CREATE, Seattle and just love all the beautiful friendships that come with teaching.  We share and give each other so much.  We share ideas, new art supplies, creative thoughts and encouragement.  And gifts!

Marlene gave me stencils - she says she bought too many, lol.  Diana made me a beautiful envelope to keep all the cool Polaroid mini photos that Michelle shared with me. Michelle also bought me a pencil sharpener because I needed one.  Susan gave me a magic wand (that can also be used as a pen).

Today in the mail, I receive two beautiful ceramic brush holders from the National Gallery of Art sent to me by Pat.   Here is what she says about them:
"ceramic brush holders - like a mug w no handle - I had one in class.  I think of you every time I look at it and would love for you to have one.  I use it for my clear water and pipette when I paint - lets me know it is NOT the one with my coffee in it and the water is always clean to add to a half-pan without getting too much water over into the next pan that I don’t want wet.  You of course, may actually drink out of it or use it for brushes.  I find it interesting that they list it as a brush holder. 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wonderful Students!

I adore my students! They keep me motivated and inquisitive.  I know that as I am getting ready to teach at the new Seattle CREATE Art Retreat, I will be meeting new students as well as many that have taken classes from me before.  I want to offer new and exciting ways to draw, paint, add to journals, create and explore.  As I am organizing and packing my boxes of art supplies I can't help to try new things.  It makes the preparation for my class take longer but it is so fun to offer new and creative ways to do the art that I like to do!