Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Coloring Books Meet Mixed Media

The new Cloth, Paper Scissor's Coloring Book,  Coloring Book Sketchbook, offers more than other coloring books.  Not only does it offer various mixed media art techniques, but it is a collection of sketches from many different artists, including one of my sketches of an old Italian door.  In her blog post, Jeannine Stein, shows how she uses mixed media to color my sketch of the door.
It was an honor to be asked to contribute sketches for the book and an honor to have Jeannine use mine sketch as a demo!

Here photos of how Jeannine Stein colored my door sketch:

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Demonstration on How to Paint a Field of Sunflowers, Watercolor

Here is a free demonstration on how I painted a colorful field of sunflowers in my watercolor journal.  It has as a little cabin in the back of the field.  Watch closely how I negative paint around the sunflowers to make them pop!  The video is in fast motion, set to some fun music. so it only takes three and a half minutes to watch the whole thing.  I hope you enjoy watching. If you want to join me in ITALY, painting on location, I would love to have you join my trip with Adventures in Italy, May 2016!

Painting a Field of Sunflowers in Italy

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Creating an Art Journal

Teaching in my studio in Bend, Oregon - I have been sharing one of my favorite things to do with my art journals - take them apart and reconfigure them to be more creative, artistic, and tactile!  We have been getting messy mixing acrylic products with watercolors.  We have been using ordinary office supplies and manipulating them into extraordinary journaling enhancements!  Would you like to join me in Orvieto, Italy for my Colors of Umbria: Keeping a Watercolor Journal Workshop?  We will be doing similar artistic creations in our journals as we slow down, observe and savor our time in Italy together!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Driving Around the French Countryside

We spent a day driving through the Southwest part of France coming across some very beautiful towns and sites.  This area of France is known for pâté de foie gras.  We saw geese throughout the countryside.  We even saw statues devoted to geese in the town of Sarlat.

A page from my watercolor journal
A page from Helen's watercolor journal

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Fun Continues

Helen and I continue our journey to Sarlat, beautifully well preserved medieval town in the southwest of France.  It is an area rich with history and delicious food.  Think fois gras! (more about this in my next blog post) Since it started to rain, we found a comfortable cafe and painted in our journals and made some postcards to send to family and friends back home.  Here is the view from our cozy cafe:

Here is the postcard I painted while enjoying a warm cup of French coffee:

If you would like to join me on a painting holiday, please check out my upcoming trip to Orvieto, Italy!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

More Fun with Fun!

Next on our journey, Helen, our friend, Agnes and I went to Spain for happy hour.  Agnes drove us to the tiny French border town, Hendaye, deep in Basque country.  Here we caught a ferry for 5 euros that took us on a very short ride into Spain.  We arrived in time to walk around the charming town of Fonterrabia, complete with cobble stone streets and a beautiful church at the top of a hill.  As the sun set, we drank sangria in the old town square, painting in our journals.  I loved all the different colored doors in the old town square.  I also loved that we could buy a drink of sangria and the bar didn't mind that we took it out into the square where we were sitting, drinking and painting and enjoying the church bells ringing as the setting sunlight glowed in the town square.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mixing Fun with Fun

Helen and I traveled to France, Spain and Portugal to paint and do a bike tour.  We took our watercolor art journals along with us and found fun places to relax and paint.  One of our first stops was Saint Jean-du-Luz, a cute fishing village in the southwestern part of France.  This area is known for it's Basque influence, sea food and beautiful, sandy beaches.  We painted postcards to send home to family and friends.
Postcards from Saint Jean-du-Luz
Helen's postcard of boats in the port.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Keeping a Watercolor Travel Journal

 Part of the joy of traveling to new places is to take some time to paint in my watercolor art journal.  This is my first time visiting Lisbon, Portugal.  I am enjoying walking around this colorful city  Here is a page in my journal of the cute trolley car.  This is what I love to do - paint plein air!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fun Ideas for your Watercolor ART Journal, Part 3

I am always looking for fun, unique ways to add to my watercolor art journals.  While I travel, I always pick up brochures, free maps, coasters, wine labels...  Then I add them to my journal pages.  I also paint little paintings of what I see along my journey.  These all create a lasting memory more precious than any photo album.
Try these ideas!
· Doodle or create Zentangles.
· Connect your writing and glued items with lines, dots and squiggles.
· Collect and add business cards, tickets, postages stamps, cut out words and photos from brochures, wine labels, paper money and postcards from your travels.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fun Ideas for your Watercolor ART Journal, Part 2

Here are some more ideas for how to add interest, color and creativity to your watercolor art journal.  These are some of the things that I will do to the back of the page in my journal.

· Pre-paint with a light watercolor wash of cobalt blue, permanent rose and transparent
       yellow watercolor paints for a colorful journaling background.
· Journal your thoughts and about the area you are visiting.  Be sure to include the date.
· Journal about the area, weather, new friends and events.
· Using an archival glue stick or matte medium, glue collected vacation ephemera to your journal pages.  Overlap and connect object.
· Paint the page with black gesso before adding things.  Use white gel pens on this page.
Paint a collection - here I did a study of barns and buildings