Sunday, January 8, 2017

Fun Art Journal Page, Part 2

For one of the first time's in my life, I am snow bound!  The high for the day is 11 degrees and snow is falling constantly.  What a great day to do some art but first I made chicken soup from scratch and a new found yummy cardamon cookie recipe.  Now I had time to enjoy finishing my Fun Art Journal Page.
Out my back door....
Finishing my art page:  After all the colors have dried and edges are finished, (see part 1)  I added the words "The journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step".  This is a quote from Lao Tzu.  I love this quote because it means that great things start from humble beginnings.

I wish that I could say I can do calligraphy because I think it is so beautiful.  The one time I tried it though, I realized quickly that I don't have the patience to learn it.  In one of my art classes several years ago, one of my art students (Cindy was that you?) turned me on to Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens!  I will bring them to the class I am teaching at the Art & Soul Retreat in Portland, Art for the Soul.  
They come in 4 different nib sizes and lots of great colors of ink!  

 I used the Parallel Pen to write the quote on my journal page.  I hope you have fun trying this out!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Fun Art Journal Page, Part One

I want to share with you a step-by-step page prep for your creative art journal.  This is one of the many techniques that I will be teaching at the Portland Art and Soul Retreat 2017!  This techniques uses watercolor and mixed media.

Here is a list of supplies you need to create this page.

Start by painting 2 pages in your journal with analogous watercolors (colors next to each other on the color wheel).  I used Indian yellow and French Vermilion.  Mist the paints lightly to help them blend together.  Sprinkle and splatter a third color such as Cobalt blue teal.  Let this dry.

Paint the Twinkling H2O Solar Gold along the edges of the pages.  Add the distress stain along the edges too, blending and letting them mix. Use colors that will enhance the edges.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

All About Color Classes in Bend, Oregon

Local Watercolor Classes 2017

Tuesdays, January 17, 24, 31, 2017 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Using watercolor as the medium, you will learn the secrets of mixing colors to create vibrant watercolors and control those dull lifeless areas in your paintings. With a deeper understanding of the relationships between colors you will be painting with confidence!
Cost:  $90 for the three classes 
Leave me a comment if you are interested in joining or have questions about this color workshop.  There are just a few spots left!

Monday, December 19, 2016

More Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Watercolor Artist

Little watercolor sketchbooks are a great gift idea for artists.  I take mine traveling as they are small and can easily fit in my purse.  I sketch and paint in them while sitting in a cafe or when I have a few moments to myself.  They come in several sizes.  Since I like to paint with watercolors, I get the ones that have watercolor paper in them.  The Moleskine brand is very popular and easy to find.  They are available online but also easily found in office supply and bookstores.  I found a lesser known brand that I prefer.  It is the Pentalic Aqua Journal.  I find that the paper is a better quality and great for painting with watercolors. The Moleskine paper is 200 gm and the Pentalic is 300 gm which means that the paper is a heavier weight.  Watercolor artists will appreciate that!  

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

More Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Watercolor Artists

I just adore this tiny watercolor palette!  It is called the Pocket Palette.  It comes with 14 iddy biddy magnetic pans to hold the paint that can be removed and replaced with other colors.  It is about the size of a business card (3 5/8" x 2 1/2") but holds lots of paint!
 Here it is waiting to be filled with new fresh watercolor paints.

I used it to paint this colorful background in my Gratitude Journal.  The mixing area was so wonderful - the paints did not bead up like they do on some palettes.  I was thinking what a wonderful gift this would be for the traveling artist!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Stocking Stuffers for the Artist

Hi there!
I wanted to share some  stocking stuffer ideas for the artist in your life.  My first suggest is a very beautiful, luscious red color called French Vermilion.  I use the one made by Sennelier and absolutely love it! It is a great color to use when painting red flowers.

Windsor Newton has an interesting article about the history and manufacturing of French Vermilion.  It is considered an opaque color with excellent light fastness so it will not fade with time.

Here is a close up of how I used it in this watercolor painting of poppies:  

I have just recently added French Vermilion to my palette. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Watercolor DVDs for the Creative Artist

Are you looking for a fun, creative gift idea for the watercolor artist in your life?  


Monday, October 24, 2016

Finding Inspiration to Paint, Part 5

A fun and easy thing to do to get you inspired to paint is to do some watercolor exercises.  It is also a great way to see how your paints interact with each other.  I love doing little studies and will often bind them in a notebook to keep for future reference.  Relax and enjoy watching the paint flow.  Here are a few of the studies I like to do.  What kind of watercolor studies do you like to do?

Monday, October 3, 2016

Watercolor Classes in Bend, Oregon

Beginning Watercolor Workshop

Tuesdays, 1-4 p.m. Continues through Nov. 15
ClassesThis workshop is especially for beginner watercolor artists. Have fun and relax while you play with color and learn basic watercolor techniques for successful paintings. All supplies provided. $35.

Watercolor & Mixed Media

Thursdays, 1-4 p.m. Continues through Nov. 10
ClassesCombining beautiful watercolor painting techniques and mixed media, you will learn how to make colorful, intriguing journal pages a perfect backdrop for adding paintings and words that inspire you. $30.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Finding Inspiration to Paint, Part 4

Here is another idea to get you going.... watch a YouTube video.  There are lots of free ones by lots of artists.  I have to tell you though, some of them are really boring and the end result is not what I aspire to.  So what I do is to fast forward to see the final painting and then invest the time to watch the video if I think the painting is good.  Here are a couple of YouTube videos that are demos of how to paint...

Fast video of how I paint a field of flowers:

How to paint palm trees

Here is one where I show what supplies are needed to get started with watercolor painting.

If you find a video you like, look to the right side of the YouTube page and you will see recommendations of other similar videos to watch.  Warning!  Watch a couple then go paint!  I know that I could spend all day watching other people paint but this is to inspire you to paint!