Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Daniel Smith Art Supplies Coupon

Just a quick post to let you know that Daniel Smith has a 20% off coupon for the week of June 18-25, 2012.  I wonder if it will work on my Daniel Smith Watercolor Traveling Kit?  That would be a killer deal!
Here is the coupon code: Take 20% Off Your Order: Call or Click!
Ok - someone posted here that the 20% doesn't work on the kit - thanks for letting me know!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Watercolor Traveling Kit

My Favorite Traveling Palette
I am thrilled to announce my partnership with Daniel Smith Art Supplies.  They have just launched my new Watercolor Traveling Kit that I designed for the traveling artist but it is perfect for people who are new to watercolor painting as well or for those who want to fill out their color palette.   This kit has it all (just add a pencil!).  I picked 12 colors, one for every color on the color wheel, my favorite folding palette, several brushes, a zippered case and an Arches watercolor journal. This would be the perfect companion to go with with my new DVD, Art Journals.  You will be able to create beautiful, colorful paintings with the colors I chose!

12 Colors - One for every color on the color wheel
Not only do you get a fabulous discount, this kit comes with free shipping!  NOTE: If you want to add more supplies and still get free shipping, you will need to call in your order and not order it online.

I would love to hear what you think about this kit.  Leave me a comment!

A zippered case (color to be determined) and an Arches watercolor journal
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolor French Ultramarine 15ml
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Lemon Yellow 15ml
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolor New Gamboge 15ml
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Permanent Orange 15ml
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Phthalo Green Yellow Shade 15ml
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Phthalo Turquoise 15ml
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Phthalo Yellow Green 15ml
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Permanent Red 15ml
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Quinacridone Burnt Orange 15ml
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Quinacridone Violet 15ml
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ultramarine Violet 15ml
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Cerulean Blue 15ml
  • Arches® Watercolor Book 140lb, 10in x 7in
  • Heritage Artist Palette, 18 color wells
  • Kneaded Eraser, 1.25in x .75in
  • Monaco Deluxe Short Handle Brush Travel Case
  • DANIEL SMITH Platinum Series 24-2 Wash/Flat 1/2
  • DANIEL SMITH Platinum Series 24-3 Round 8

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Photos from Irvine- Create & Beautiful Art!

Here are some photos from my classes at CREATE, Irvine, 2012.  We learned about color, adding dimension with value, colorful shadows and how to paint along our journey.  Thank you all for a fabulous time!
First time painter EVER!  Shelley"s pear painting using
the color wheel to pick her colors - Way to Go Shelley! 

Jeannie getting into her supplies
Beautiful glowing colors on Flip, Flaps & Fold-out Tag

Beverly's Juicy Pear & Color Chart

Jeannine's pears turned out as colorful as her t-shirt!

Using stencils in new ways....

Mother- Daughter Team

Cool art supplies

More art supplies


Love using that colorwheel!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thank you all for a great Create!

I had such an amazingly fun and creative time at CREATE 2012
I just wanted to send out a huge colorful hug to all the students that attended my classes.  How fun to have Sally & Lori attend my watercolor classes again after meeting them in my class at Art & Soul Retreat several years ago!  Jeannine – I love my new Hello Kitty tin!  It is a welcome addition to my traveling watercolor palette collection.  Cindy and the other ladies from Texas you have a way of keeping us all smiling.  Rosanne & Shelly it was fun to be a part of your new watercolor journey.
Over all I wanted to share with everyone that CREATE, Irvine proved to be a friendly, colorful and creative place.  For those of you that asked me to come back next year – you will have to wait for 2 years as I will be teaching in Provence next May.  
I do love all your suggestions and encouragement for me to teach online art classes.  Thank you Pam Carriker for giving me advice on how to set up an online class.  I will be exploring my options and let you know what happens!
I was lucky enough to treat myself to a class with the fabulous and colorful Joanne Sharpe in her fun Magical Marker Mystery Tour.  I feel rejuvenated and exhausted all bundled together. 
I hope our paths will cross again!
Colorful hugs! 


Friday, June 1, 2012

Creating Art at CREATE!

The Paintings on-the-go for the Traveling Artist class was filled with happy painters!  We did lots of painting and even went outside to get a lesson in drawing perspective as well as enjoying the beautiful sunshine.  Here are a few of the photos from our class: