Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fun Ideas for your Watercolor Art Journal

Everyone loves a fun art journal!  I thought I would share some of my ideas about how I add to my watercolor art journals to make them interesting, creative and fun.  I started keeping art journals in 1991 and along the way I have accumulated many ways to mix watercolor painting with mixed media.
I encourage you to share your ideas too in the comment section!  Thanks, Jacqueline

· Paint a watercolor painting.
· Give the painting a title.
· Draw a line around the painting following the edges of the painting.
· Ink all the value changes in the painting with a permanent ink pen.
· Write about the time, place, location and people you meet along the bottom and/or edges of the page.
· Paint on another piece of watercolor paper or different type of paper and glue it on the page.
· Make a frame with artist tape.  Paint a colorful wash of watercolors.  When dry, pull it off and use this area to add thoughts.

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