Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Sights and Sounds of Santiago

We had an unusual night’s sleep because we were constantly being woken up.  First it was an earthquake, 4.5 with 2 good jolts about 30 seconds apart.  Then people running out into the streets and shouting.  Apparently that is what you are supposed to do if an earthquake hits but I was too sleepy from my 2 for 1 happy hour Pisco Sours.  You see happy hour here in Santiago lasts until 8 pm and the traditional drink of Chili, the Pisco Sours were delicious!  With jet-lag hitting me, I think I went to bed shortly after my drinks and dinner.  Then the fire trucks started out into the streets, blaring their horns and generally making a lot of noise. 
Today we met up with our Wilderness Tour group and took a city tour partly by bus and lots of walking again.  Santiago is a city of reflections.  There are many modern sky-scrapers that have glass facades that reflect the greenery and buildings around. 
A page from my journal of the little church on Santa Lucia
Watching the sun go down over the Andes from a rooftop 17th floor bar with my pesco sour...

Santiago is full of sleeping dogs and policemen
Reflections of the old in the new

At the fish market
Friendly people everywhere


H. Brown said...

Hi Jacqueline,
Have you started hiking yet?

All you are missing here is more snow!

Watch out for the Pisco Sours!


Pj said...

Thanks for sharing the journal entry and the fun photos.