Tuesday, May 9, 2017

10 Tips in 10 Days - Watercolor Blocks

watercolor block is a stack of watercolor paper that is attached together. The sheets of fine art paper are trimmed to some uniform size and then stacked upon each other. That stack of art paper is then attached to a backing board with a padding glue. This glue is applied to all four sides of the paper.
My students are often perplex as to how to get the pages apart.  First of all, wait until you are done with your painting.  The joy of using a block is that it keeps the paper from getting buckled while you paint.  When you are done with your painting, simply put a palette knife in the small slot that is not glued to the rest of the papers.  Gently slide your knife around the edges to release your master piece! Hint:  if you do not own a palette knife, a butter knife works too!

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