Saturday, May 13, 2017

10 Tips in 10 Days - A Well Rounded Palette

I often have students asking me what colors to put on their watercolor palette.  I like to have a well rounded palette so that Each color on the color wheel is represented.  
I designed a kit with Daniel Smith Art Supplies called the Jacqueline Newbold Watercolor Traveling Kit.  It is a perfect way for beginning watercolor artists to fill their color palette.   This kit has it all (just add a pencil!).  I picked 12 colors, one for every color on the color wheel, my favorite folding palette, several brushes, a zippered case and an Arches watercolor journal. This would be the perfect companion to go with with my new DVD, Art Journals-On-the-Go.  You will be able to create beautiful, colorful paintings with the colors I recommend!  
Her is the list of the 12 starter colors:
1.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Lemon Yellow2.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Phthalo Yellow Green3.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Phthalo Green Yellow Shade4.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Phthalo Turquoise5.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Cerulean Blue Chrome6.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – French Ultramarine Blue7.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Carbazole Violet8.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Quinacridone Violet9.       Daniel Smith Watercolor – Permanent Red10.    Daniel Smith Watercolor – Permanent Orange11.    Daniel Smith Watercolor – Quinacridone Burnt Orange12.    Daniel Smith Watercolor – Hansa Yellow Deep

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