Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tiny New Life

Monarch update!  As of today, I have seen four newborn Monarch caterpillars.  They are about as big as a piece of dirt.  They are very vulnerable to some predators such as ants and spiders.  I removed all little critters that I could find and then wrapped a mesh bag around each of these newly hatched caterpillars.  I took a few photos to share with you but since they are so small they are hard to see!  I learned why the female Monarch only deposits one caterpillar per plant - it is because these little guys are cannibalistic and will eat other eggs that are on their leaf.
I am working to get Bend, Oregon on the map!

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Robbie said...

OMG...I can't believe you even spotted this little guy!!! Nature is amazing and can always use a little help from us who live on this earth!