Monday, June 1, 2015

Helpful Drawing Tips

Hi everyone! Artful Gathering starts June 6th! In my Watercolor Toolbox 2 workshop you will learn how to do a contour drawing, make a color-mixing chart, and how to get volume and depth in your paintings.
 I go into detail on how to use your pencil as a drawing tool to get the proportions correct.

Here is my list of DRAWING TIPS:

1.  Start drawing and keep drawing - you will get better! 

2.  Observe instead of imagine, at least in the beginning.  Buy a sketchbook that you can devote to drawing.  No one has to ever see it but you.  

3.  Use your pencil as a measuring tool.  You can use it to compare, multiply, divide and create angles.

4.  The closer objects are to you, the lower they will be on your paper.

5.  For a watercolor painting, draw just the contour or outline of the objects.  Don't put in a lot of detail.  It just gets more lead on your paper that can muddy your painting.

6.  Try to break up complicated objects into simple shapes: squares, circles, rectangles... A pear can be made by drawing a triangle for the top and a circle on the bottom.

7.  Overlap shapes to create the illusion of distance.

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