Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Exciting News! Monarch Butterflies in Bend, Oregon!

Today was the very first time I have ever seen a Monarch Butterfly in my garden.  They have been here before because I had a couple caterpillars two years ago.  This is the first time I have actually seen an adult fluttering around checking out the scenery and various plants here in Bend, Oregon!  For almost ten years I have been working on making my garden attractive to these golden tiny creatures.  After a few moments, she found my butterfly plants and started laying eggs!

Laying eggs on my new butterfly weed starts

Taking a break just long enough for me to get a good photo!

Amazingly beautiful eggs.  They look like little space pods.
 These amazing creatures travel up from Mexico flying several thousands of miles each year!  Their host plant is milk weed.  Unfortunately the milkweed has been disappearing.  The problem is so bad that the Monarch is being considered for the endangered list.

My butterfly weed in bloom.  Gorgeous!
Asclepias Speciosa - Showy Milkweed
Closeup of an egg - just laid!
What can you do to help?  Plant butterfly weed in your garden!
Bend, Oregon does have a small population of Monarch flying through on their way north.  

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Unknown said...

How exciting! Thank you for sharing! And thanks for being a good steward!