Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Working my Way Around the Color Wheel

I am using my color wheel to pick my colors to go on my new palette.  I went from my yellows to oranges, reds, purples, blues and now finally greens.  I weeded out lots of colors that are too similar or that don't interest me by using my little color swatches that I painted (see previous posts).  It is time to start laying out the tubes of paint in the order that matches the colors on the color wheel.


Robbie said...

Looks like a lot of effort but in the end will be useful!

Susan Taff said...

Hi! did you ever finish your palette of 40 colors? I'm curious whatt you choose.. if you care to share... thanks! Susan

Jacqueline Newbold said...

Hi Susan, All done and I am pretty happy with my color choices. I will post the colors.