Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pam Carriker's New Book, Creating Art at the Speed of Life

It is filled with easy to understand lessons with step-by-step guidelines on how to do fun journaling ideas such as create a journal page of random shapes, making layers of textures and colors, and how to make the page cohesive with monochromatic colors. 
I love how she introduces and explores the elements of design with a series of exercises and the completes the lesson with a worksheet to help you evaluate your work to make it more successful and satisfying. 
As I sat down to look through Pam’s book, I could hardly sit still to read it as I wanted to jump up and do each and every activity that was presented in this colorful and lesson-filled book!

I especially loved the chapter entitled, Trompe l’oeil - fool the eye.  Pam teaches us how to take a photo and change its settings to “fool the eye” using shading.  I cannot wait to try this in watercolor art journal!
Thank you, Pam for giving us this beautiful, artistic gift.  I highly recommend it for the adventurous artist.

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