Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mixing Fun with Fun

Helen and I traveled to France, Spain and Portugal to paint and do a bike tour.  We took our watercolor art journals along with us and found fun places to relax and paint.  One of our first stops was Saint Jean-du-Luz, a cute fishing village in the southwestern part of France.  This area is known for it's Basque influence, sea food and beautiful, sandy beaches.  We painted postcards to send home to family and friends.
Postcards from Saint Jean-du-Luz
Helen's postcard of boats in the port.


Sharon said...

Love your postcards.

Jacqueline Newbold said...

Thank you Sharon!

Pj said...

Oh, wow! These post cards are gifts to the recipients! Thank you for sharing them on your BLOG!!

Jansi King said...

Wonderful blog! I was in St. Jean de Luz in 1965 when I was in school in Pau and Bordeaux.