Saturday, July 4, 2015

Moving On

As of today, three of the caterpillars have gone on to become chrysalises.  I was lucky enough to watch one go from the hanging "J" formation to becoming a chrysalis.  She began to contract and expand, pushing from the inside out.  It looked painful and this part lasted for awhile.  But once the skin parted and began to shed from the bottom up, it took just seconds to transform into a gorgeous lime-green new creation complete with beads of gold.  At this time the caterpillar actually turns into a liquid mass and totally transforms miraculously into a different being.
Hanging in a "J" formation

Skin shedding for the last time
Freshly formed chrysalis
Beautiful gold trim
 The other seven continue to eat, explore their surroundings, disappear for awhile (just to get me into a panic, I am sure) and even climb on the walls of the house before returning to the milkweed.  One of them is giant! 
A big one!


Robbie said...

Just gets more fascinating with each post!!

Pj said...

It is so fascinating to watch this process. You have done a great job of chronicling the life of a monarch from egg to caterpillar. Won't it be fun to see the butterfly emerge?

I have thoroughly enjoyed your online art classes. Even though I did not have much time to do the work, I watched each video. What a great way to learn and develop drawing and painting skills.

Thank you for all the hard work you did to make these classes available, Jacqueline.

Colorful hugs,