Friday, August 22, 2014

What's Inside?

In a couple weeks I will be painting in Italy.  My last post was about my new cool pencil bag.

It is a perfect size for holding just about everything I need to do some paintings-on-the-go in my watercolor travel journal.  Now I want to show you what I put inside it.  I have three miniature palettes and a set of travel brushes that are great for traveling.  I like these mini palettes because they each hold 12 colors and have removable 1/2 pans.  That means that I can put whatever colors I desire in on my palette.  If I find I no longer and using a certain color, then I can easily switch it out for another color.

The brushes are from Jackson's Art Supplies.  It is hard to find good travel brushes and this is a great set!  If you just order brushes you will get free shipping.


DD Wilson said...

Assume from your post you take three of these small pallets with you. Where did you purchase the small travel pallets?
I have the one I purchased for your beginners class and hoped to use it for travel, but these are much smaller and assume lighter in weight! Something to think about......

Jacqueline Newbold said...

Here is the link for the small Winsor Newton palette: