Monday, August 19, 2013

Creating Drama in Black - Art Journal Tip

Often before I leave on a trip, I often paint several pages in my art journal with black gesso.  I have a few favorite pens that I use that I have tested and the show up beautifully against the dark background.  Here is how I prepare my page and my favorite pens to take along on my journey.
1.  Put a piece of wax paper behind the page you are going to paint to protect the pages beneath from getting black on them.
2.  Coat the page with a light layer of black gesso.  I use watercolor journals with Arches paper and they coat very nicely.
3.  Let this dry.  Your page is ready for art and journaling!
This page was started with just a black background

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dar traviss said...

I have never used black gesso before...just the white..what a great effect it creates. What kind of " pens" do you use on it?