Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Beauty of Color

My online watercolor class is going well and everyone is having a wonderful time learning how to correctly use color in their paintings.  There is still time to join in on the fun.  Registration is open until August 1, 2013.   Here is a small sample of some of the paintings from the class and what students are saying:

 “Today I learned that I MUCH prefer tetras to triads! A good thing to know I suspect.”  Kaaren
Kaaren's Pears
“I have enjoyed your class so much!  I hope you will do more soon.  I have your DVD and your book.  But I want more!  Putting miles on my brushes,

“I love using the different color triads and compliments etc to make different works.”  Kristin

“I am so enjoying this workshop, and am really learning some things that I never learned in an art class before.  But I wanted to say that (in addition to finally understanding how a color wheel works) I love the idea of the chicken exercises and also the demo of transitioning the colors around the wheel, and "mixing, muddling and mingling...all great lessons, and I can't wait to try them!”
Celeste's Colorful Hearts
“I'm having a great time with these lessons. They are simple, but you learn so much about the paint itself and the colors.”   Celeste

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Marie Z. Johansen said...

I SO hope that I will be able to take this class another time. I had planned to take it through AG, but thought I had another class conflict, which , as it turned it, I didn't. Now I am kicking myself.

Please... offer it again so that I can take part.

It looks so amazing !