Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Les Baux de Provence

The Mistral has arrived for a few days.  Our painting site is Les Baux de Provence and we try to find a painting spot out of the biting wind.  During the Middle Ages Les Baux de Provence became the seat of a powerful feudal lordship that controlled 79 towns and villages in the vicinity. The ruler claimed ancestry from the Magus king Balthazar and placed the 16 pointed Star of Bethlehem on their coat of arms.

I found a sunny spot to paint but it was still windy!

Our picnic lunch site at the upper end of the village.  Sunny and sheltered

The view of the old castle from the vineyards below.

Helen & Marie exploring Les Baux de Provence

Cute street


freebird said...

That last pic of the "cute street" is really nice. It is a cute street and also so very narrow. Wow. I really like it though.

Jacqueline said...

Freebird, I am looking forward to painting this "cute street"!