Thursday, December 30, 2010


Every New Year it is the same ole resolutions: lose weight, exercise more, clean out the closet......  this year, fellow artist and blogger, Laure Ferlita, has challenged her readers with the word-of-the-year idea.  The idea is to choose a word to guide you through the upcoming year. (Check out Christine Kane's post for more info.)

I started to think about what would be a good word for me to guide me through 2011 and immediately "LISTEN" popped into my head.  You see, I have a little voice, or intuition, that I am learning and letting myself listen to.  Am I talking to myself?  Well, yes.  But maybe it is OK, because I need to learn to listen to myself, follow my heart and my intuition.  I find that the more I listen to my intuition, the more it is willing to put itself in the front of my being.  This will be the year of listening.

How about you?  What will be your word-of-the-year 2011?


Intuitive Girl said...

I love this. With so many distractions these days it's so easy to listen to everyone but yourself.

For me in 2011, my word is going to be Allow. It's going to be about allowing my life to unfold without trying to make things happen all the time.

Thanks for getting me thinking about this! Happy New Year!

Laure Ferlita said...

This ROCKS!! Love your word and your reasons for choosing it! I strongly encourage you to put the word up in conspicuous places so that it stays in your mind.

And do TALK and LISTEN to that muse (intuition)! Who cares if you're talking to yourself—yourself knows best!

mo said...

Appreciate!! So much to appreciate and it can be a full time joyful experience. It will shortstop all the negatives that could be in place of it. The older I get the more I need to let this happen. Enjoy the journey and let it all come in. Damn I am happy that I read this today-- I have one day to get ready. Thank you for your suggestion.

mo said...

Did my word and comments make it. My word is "appreciate" and I already wrote a few thoughts about it. Not sure if they made it. In my first post. All I said was that it will keep all the negatives from occurring. Enjoy the journey especially as we grow older i.e. more mature. I intend to appreciate this year, all year.

Jacqueline said...

Yes it is so easy to not listen to oneself with all the worldly distractions around us, Intuitive Girl.
Thanks Laure, good idea to post my word to remind me to Listen!
Mo! How great to hear from you. Appreciate is a wonderful word. Oh there is so much to appreciate!