Friday, July 16, 2010

Pink Granite on Mount Desert

We did a lovely hike up a bubble-type hill called The Beehive.  The views were spectacular looking east and north over the Atlantic Ocean.  I would love to sit up here and paint the pink granite, yellow and green lichen overlooking the ocean but my knees were shaking too much from the climb.  I have started a few paintings in my journal that I will share soon.

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Jayne said...

The Beehive is a favorite hike of our's too. It overlooks, aptly named, "Sand Beach." I always found that funny, in a dog named "dog" sort of way. Moving on to bathroom humor, literally, just down from Sand Beach is Thunder Hole - where the waves make a "boom" sound as they crash into the depressions in the rocky coastline. The rest rooms nearby are also aptly named: "Thunder Hole Rest Rooms!" You can't make this stuff up! Hope you are having a great time at Acadia. Enjoyed seeing you on your way up!