Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Trip from Bend, Oregon to Provence, France

In order to help us pass the time on the 11 hour flight from Salt Lake City to Paris, we pull out our watercolor journals and palettes and do some painting.

Here is Helen's cute little palette that she made out of an Altoids Box
Tired but upright we await the train from Paris to Avignon
I try to capture some little hill top villages from the train window.  I end up with lots of blurred photos!
Helen's cute drawing of me taking photos out the train window

Our train is going over a hundred miles per hours.  We reach Avignon in just three hours!  The French really know how to travel
I am so happy to be out on the ground again.  We spend time walking around Isle sur la Sorgue 
We are enjoying the colorful buildings and the lay of the land in Isle sur la Sorgue.  The river Sorgue surrounds the city as if to hug it. The canals run between the narrow ancient streets. There are little bridges to cross and great wheels to look at with mossy blades turning in the river. 
Isle sur la Sorgue   
Friday morning we take our trusty little Renault, Kangoo for a tour of the countryside.
Colorful window dress display

We meet some wonderfully nice French people.  This lady is showing her Obama hat that someone sent her.  Everyone is exited to talk to us about Obama and "Bean Ledanne" (Bin Ladin).
We come to a screeching halt in our little Kangoo to take this photo of one of France's 100 most beautiful villages, Gordes

Finally we start to see what we came for, Poppies in Provence!

More Poppies!


CKaseberg said...

How absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing. We will be following your adventure!


I loved seeing you two traveling with your watercolors on the train. Have a wonderful time and keep writing if you have time. HDAL misses you. Pam

Moey said...

I love this!!! You two look like you're having so much fun! Bizous from NY :)

Sydney said...

I forgot exactly when you were leaving - I had meant to write and say Bon Voyage! How absolutely fun to see the beginning photos of your trip! Thank you so much for sharing! I will keep checking, hoping you have time to write more. Enjoy!

Laure Ferlita said...

Thank you for sharing!! This is SO cool! Hope you keep the posts coming! Have fun!!!

Laure Ferlita said...

Would love to see a close up of that palette in the third shot down! Looks fun!

Claire M said...

Awesome!! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks Cameron, Pam and Moey. Bizous to you too! Hope this makes you exited for your trip Sydney! Laure I am posting the photo you requested next. Thanks Claire!

murph said...

you guys look like you're having a blast!
No news is good news I hope. I never hear back from the airport so I an assuming we got in!
Keep having fun and can't wait to get together when you get back!