Monday, May 16, 2011

Painting Water Reflections in Isle sur la Sorgue & the Cafe Waiter Race

My cousine, Marie, has joined us from Paris.  What a sport!  She loves all the crazy mixed media ideas I have.  Got to love that!
The River Sorgue surrounds the charming town, Isle sur la Sorgue, as if to hug it. Walking along the canals you will notice how they run between the narrow ancient streets. There are little bridges to cross and great wheels to look at with mossy blades turning in the river.  It is also a wonderful place to paint reflections. We find a fabulous restaurant, Les Terrasse du Bassin, which turns out to be a perfect spot for enjoying the cafe as well as the perfect painting spot for painting on location.  The river seems to be calmer here so the reflections on the water are perfect for painting.

The view across from Les Terrasses du Bassin with wonderful reflections in the water
Helen's wonderful painting of the reflections at our favorite spot.

Sunday can be a fun day in St. Remy de Provence and this particular Sunday is the local waiter race. 

Waiters dressed up as chickens race too!

Glasses on the trays are are filled with liquid at the beginning of the race.  They are then measured at the ed of the race and lose of liquid is counted against the waiter.

Just a question for you - How does one walk on these cobble stone streets in these shoes????

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Sydney said...

Love the views of the town and the sketchbook. How fun that your cousin could join you! Did you know Portland has a waiters' race in the summer too? Sounds like it could be fashioned off the one you're describing - I think it's done for the Bastille Day festivities.