Friday, March 23, 2012

Exploring South of the Equator - Santiago, Chile

After a long 10 hour flight from Atlanta to Santiago, Chile, we set out to explore the city on foot.  We worked our way from our hotel to the famous Santa Lucia, a small hill in the center of the city.  Its name comes from the day in which Pedro de Valdivia conquered the hill in 1541.  That day celebrates “Santa Lucia”.  The hill is adorned with ornate facades, stairways, statues, beautiful urns, iron lamp posts, lots of ice cream stands and fountains.  I loved the unique view that Santa Lucia gave with the old side of Santiago set in front of the new modern city.   
We stopped for a drink and light lunch and I was able to do a quick sketch in my watercolor journal.
Little oasis at our hotel

Statue close-up

The reflection of the green Santa Lucia Hill in the modern high-rise buildings

Self Portrait


H. Brown said...

Hi Newbolds and Lillebos! I'm glad you got there ok. Are you sure you are in Chile, Jacqueline? The pictures sure look like Peru! I love the self portrait! I'll watch your blog to follow your travels. Have a great time!

Ruth Armitage said...

Thanks for taking us along on your trip! Looks like beautiful weather and surroundings. Have a wonderful time & keep us posted!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks Helen ^ Ruth!
we just ate at a French restaurant in
Santiago, fish & beef dishes. It seems like we are in Europe but we are not. David just went off on his own to try & find water. I hope I see him agaim!

Pj said...

I can just picture your rendition of these interesting photos, Jacqueline!