Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Great Idea!

I got this nice pencil case from  It's large enough to put a ton of pens in.  It also holds 2 of my mini palettes and my set of traveling watercolor brushes. There are three pockets and it comes in lots of fun colors. It is definitely going to Italy will me for my Colors of Umbria workshop.  It will be perfect for painting in the town.

Here I am using my new bag in Maine

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Pat said...

Ummm.. I love me a little Jet Pens! I need a new mech pencil too so I will check this out. Do you use covered travel brushes in here? I am not quite sure what brush set-up I am going to bring to Italy.
Also, You mention little palettes. Have you seen the little ones made from Dentyne - or other gum - plastic liners? I am bringing my spare paints in a few of those I think. Going to overfill and let them dry and then I should be able to pop them out as needed. And, I plan on needing them!!