Thursday, July 18, 2013

Class has Started - Artful Gathering Online Color Workshop

A really cool thing about the Artful Gathering Online Retreat is that you can take several workshops at the same time over a six week period.  Since I have always admired Pam Carriker’s art, I signed up for her online workshop, Still Pursuing Portraits and she is taking my workshop, The Good, the Bad and the Beauty of Color.  We are having a great time sharing what we know!  I love Pam’s style of teaching.  She has taken away the fear of drawing a face and broken it down into easy to follow steps.  I am so excite and looking forward to drawing some portraits today!
My class, The Good, the Bad and the Beauty of Color, has started!  So far, the chatter in the classroom has been very fun.  Here are a few things that the students are saying:
Melissa says "I am really excited, I have learned so much from your other tutorials, I've been impatient to start!!!"
Susan says “One advantage of being in Europe is that we're already awake when the workshop is posted ;-)  I've been waiting for this for ages and am really looking forward to getting started."
Gina says “I’m very excited about this class as well! Any excuse diving into watercolor paints and learning more about color."
Pam Carriker says, “I finished making my little color book using my Bind It All and some matt board for the covers. I filled my palette, had to clean out my gouache paints and fill them with watercolors since I already had this palette. Now on to color wheels and my first page:-)”

A Color Study Example

My workshop is about learning the properties of the paints you use, proper mixing techniques and how to use the color wheel to make different color schemes to use in your paintings. You will feel confident in your color choices and learn how not to get muddy color mixes.  
There is still time to sign up and join the fun!  I hope you find time to add art to your daily life in one way or another.

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