Thursday, April 18, 2013

Watercolor Palette Review - Part 2

3.  The Daniel Smith Watercolor Pocket Palette -  OK this one is just down right adorable.  I just discovered it and had to add it to my collection.


  • Very small, compact and adorable!
  • Metal with a closing lid
  • Has a water built in water container and a detachable water holder that clips onto the side.
  • Holds 12 colors


Joyfulploys said...

I like that small palette...too bad I just got a different one. I want to check out your other posts....first time here.

Wildflowerhouse said...

I have the heritage one and love it. Even followed your idea and had my color list laminated. Love that idea.
Now you have this cutie from DS. This calls for another trip to DS for sure. LOL

Jacqueline said...

Hope you will return Mary!

Jacqueline said...

Sharon, so nice to hear. You will find that color list very helpful!