Friday, June 3, 2011

Antiques Roadshow

While I was in France, I got and email informing me that I had won two tickets to the PBS Antiques Roadshow!  These tickets can not be bought or sold.  I applied online months ago and my name was entered into a random drawing.  Three thousand people were awarded tickets to the 2012 season's first stop - Eugene, Oregon.  My daughter and I will be standing in those long lines tomorrow, hoping for a favorable appraisal and if we are really lucky, to get on the national broadcast.  Each ticket holder can bring two items to be appraised by some of the nation's top antique appraisers.  Well the first two items was easy for me to decided - my mother's Louis XVI roll-top desk and her Jacob Petit porcelain vases.  I have a few hours left to decide upon the last two things I should take.  We inherited a several book sets dating from the 1860's, a little porcelain shoe, some weird perhaps Tibetan roof tiles (or Pottery Barn knock-offs), a set of dancing angles, an old hand colored photo of the Black Hills, South Dakota, or a gold pendant with a beautiful red stone. 
Is there anyone else out there going tomorrow to Eugene to the Antiques Roadshow?  What would you bring to be appraised?

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